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Remember Flood Relief in Bangladesh

[ePrayer – Pray for Bangladesh Flood Relief] 

So far 122 people are reported to be killed in the different part of Chittagong district in Bangladesh due to landslides and floods caused by torrential rain. Still road transportation and communication in many parts of the division are yet to restore. In north part, an outbreak of diarrhea and water borne diseases are likely to affect the marooned people. Present local government is running a few medical camps but they are far from adequate. CEDAR’s partner KOINONIA has already launched an emergency relief operation there.


  1. KOINONIA has already distributed food supplies to 600 indigenous families and very soon they are going to support another 600 families. Pray for the smoothness of this process;
  2. Pray for the liaison work of Partner with the Disaster Management Bureau of Bangladesh. Pray for speedy responses to the needs;
  3. Pray as KOINONIA keeps good relationship and contact with local churches and Christian NGOs and able to observe the situation closely.
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