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Uncover Causes of Kidney Disease in Sri Lanka’s Farm Belt

[ ePrayer – Pray for Sri Lanka ]

Over the past two decades, dozens of studies have been conducted on the large number of kidney patients in Sri Lanka’s agro-rich north-central region. However, none had conclusively identified a clear cause. But on 14 August, a group of Sri Lankan doctors released a new report linking the high prevalence of chronic kidney disease in Sri Lanka’s main agricultural production regions with the presence of heavy metals in the water, caused by fertiliser and pesticide use. However, another report published just one day after the study’s release identified poor water quality as the main reason for kidney failure in that region. Despite the different conclusions reached by the two reports, researchers involved in each study acknowledged that the issues raised by the other were significant. They also agreed that fertiliser and pesticide use should be regulated. [IPS]

Pray for Sri Lanka:

  • Pray that the Sri Lankan government will take a serious look at the problem of water pollution and misuse of agrochemicals;
  • Pray that the people suffering from kidney disease will have appropriate treatment and care.
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