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Pray for Safety of the Sudan Street Kid Centre

[ePrayer – Pray for Sudan Street Kid Centre]

Partner now has three street kid centres in Geraf, Omdurman and Darfur in Sudan, and one centre in Renk, South Sudan, providing hostel service, education and vocational training to local street kids, and helping them reunite with their families. A conflict broken out due to the land ownership dispute in Geraf this April. A mob damaged and set fire to the church building which is also used by the Geraf Centre. Yet the Centre was safe from the attack. However, Geraf Centre has received the attack threat again in September. Thank God that the police have helped to protect them, but their safety remains a concern. Besides, Sudan is very hot this month and the risk of being infected with various diseases is high. Please remember the health of the boys, the staff and impoverished local families.

Pray for Sudan Street Kid Centre:

  • Give thanks that the partner and the kids are safe from the threat, and pray for their stability and safety;
  • Pray also for the boys who are going to graduate this year and they will be able to find a job and support themselves;
  • Pray that the boys stay healthy in hot weather.
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