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Women Hit Hard by Natural Disasters

[ePrayer – Pray for women and communities hit by disaster]

In the aftermath of a natural disaster, women are often the most vulnerable. Particularly in rural areas, women suffer disproportionately from inadequate shelter and poor sanitation facilities and are often tasked with rebuilding shattered homes. Facing the risks of no privacy and without proper toilets in flood or cyclone shelters, some women in India will avoid eating during the day to ensure that they can answer nature’s call under the cover of darkness. At nightfall, however, they need to bear the additional risk of encountering floating animal carcasses or live snakes. They also find that it is extremely difficult to manage daily living during their menstrual cycle. Without proper toilets they are also more likely to contract waterborne diseases. Also, men have to migrate in search of employment due to damaged agricultural fields. Women are therefore left behind and were tasked with repairing homes and running households. Local relief and development organisations recognise that government and organisations should strengthen assistance to women after disaster, helping them and whole communities to rebuild, reproduce and invent ways to mitigate disturbance of their livelihoods as a result of climate variations. [IPS]

Pray for women and communities hit by disaster:

  • Pray that the women and the communities will be able to produce, reproduce and invent ways to mitigate the effects of natural calamities;
  • Pray that governments will reinforce strong policies and legislation to protect women;
  • Pray also for effective long term disaster risk reduction in India and other disaster-prone countries.
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