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The Poor in America Deserve More Attention

[ePrayer – Pray for the poor in America]

America’s poor were little mentioned in Obama’s re-election campaign. In reality some 15% of Americans (around 46.2 million people) live below the poverty line. Many more have incomes above the poverty line but nevertheless cannot meet their families’ basic monthly needs. Their number has been growing due to systemic challenges in America: the low-skill, high-wage jobs that many used to climb out of poverty are largely gone; and the deteriorating family structure among the poor threatens to trap poor children at the bottom of the income ladder. [The Economist]

Pray for the poor in America:

  • Pray that the government will treat the poor’s needs as priority; the budget of anti-poverty programmes in federal spending will not be cut even in economic recessions and that the government can have effective strategy to tackle issues on arising child-poverty and the working poor.
  • Pray for the youth and children living in poverty. Pray that more resources and opportunities, such as low-price childcare, learning opportunities, pre employment training and occupations, can be granted for them.
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