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Wish Them a Happy New Year

[ePrayer – Pray for CEDAR]


What is your wish for the coming new year? Lu Yejiao, an impoverished farmer from CEDAR tea planting project in Hubei, China, wishes to earn enough money to help her son to complete his study. Bahadur, a Chepang farming household in Dhading of Nepal, desires to see other impoverished families to get help from their community development project.

CEDAR has been organising ‘Red Packet Campaign’ every year in the past 11 years, encouraging churches and Christians to share their blessings with the poor around the world. This year, besides the ‘Red Packet Campaign’ we have added ‘Pass the “Gut” – Goodness.Gracious’ Campaign specially made to target students and youth to donate their red packet money to support poor communities in Asia and Africa by developing local capacity to be self- reliant and to promote transformation in the lives of individuals and communities. [Details of the Campaigns:]

Pray for CEDAR:

  • Pray that more churches, schools and Christian will join ‘Red Packet Campaign’ and ‘Pass the “Gut” – GoodnessGracious’ Campaign to raise fund for impoverished families;
  • Pray for God’s guidance on our partners’ community development programmes worldwide; and that poor communities will develop to be self-reliant and self-help without relying on outsiders.
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