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Have you ever questioned God why He ignores the cries of victims of injustice and unspeakable cruelty?

Twenty-five years ago in August, the people of Myanmar’s uprising against its military regime reached a boiling point and after large scale protests the military suppressed protesters in major cities, killing thousands. In this oft repeated scene, Aung San Suu Kyi, daughter of General Aung San, the father of modern-day Myanmar, gained public support and became the foundational leader of the Burmese democracy movement.

Who would have thought that the crackdown and tyranny 25 years ago would lead to such hope for reformation? Walking with CEDAR’s partner in the past decade, our staff Lisa witnessed how the Lord saved children from war flames and equipped them for post-war development today; God also raised up believers of different regional and ethnic backgrounds to become the channel of grace to the post-war communities.

A loving and righteous God has His plans and ways in responding to the cries of the poor and oppressed, and we need to do acts according to our heart’s conviction, just like Simon Tam who reaches out to and cares for the marginalised groups, practising the teaching of ‘to do justly and to love mercy’.

Conviction can be an insight or a reminder at different stages of life. A sculpture, some scenes and people all lead our staff Fountain to follow his own vision under God.

Do you also recall a certain flash of conviction? May God bring it from memory according to His will.

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