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The HKSAR Government finally published the official poverty line in September 2013, long awaited for by organisations and academics who are concerned about Hong Kong’s poverty issues. This is a significant step taken by the Government in poverty relief.

After all, what the poverty line attempts to define involves real lives. We have interviewed some South Asian families and CSSA (Comprehensive Social Security Assistance) beneficiaries to see , behind various data and statistics, what the real situations and expectations of the disadvantaged groups are.

There are lots of churches scattering around almost every corner in Hong Kong. It would be a mighty force indeed, if each congregation care about their neighbouring poor, love and walk with them!  Wendy, a CEDAR’s volunteer, deeply believes that if all Christians are willing to live up what the bible teaches, there would be a great change in our world.

In the context of ‘poverty relief’ works, the distinction in roles between ‘giver’ and ‘beneficiary’ may be blurred sometimes. In looking back her involvement in ‘poverty relief’ works for the past decade, CEDAR’s staff Sandy was able to meet many “mentors” who gave her much rich and lively guidance and inspiration.

Do you also yearn to be connected to the lives of different people?


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