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CEDAR Barefoot Walk 2014 • STEP UP & MOVE the WORLD!


Living in S L U M S

hortage of clean water, sanitation facilities and electricity

awlessness, exploitation, trafficking – parts of everyday life

nder the constant threat of diseases, fire hazards and natural disasters

ade to stay in tiny make-shift dwellings

tuck in the vicious cycle of poverty

Living in slums, their path begins with poverty and ends with despair.

CEDAR holds on to the belief that all slum dwellers should not be deprived of opportunities to a bright future. Our annual Barefoot Walk is fundraising for slum dwellers in Asia and Africa – the funds will be used for the improvement of welfare, hygiene, education, vocational training, and most importantly we hope to use a holistic approach by building a community that fully utilizes its members’ potentials to help one another break the poverty cycle.

Walk with CEDAR – do not view your steps lightly, because every step you take can make a difference and MOVE THE WORLD.

CEDAR Barefoot Walk 2014


Date> 2014.11.08 (Sat)
Time> 3pm – 6pm
Purpose> To support Community Development Projects in Slums of Asia and Africa to help slums dwellers improve their livelihood and environment
Content> Barefoot Walk 。 Experiential Activities 。Fundraising
Route> C. C. C. Heep Woh College => Po Kong Village Road Park => C. C. C. Heep Woh College (The walk takes approximately 90 minutes)
Assembly Point> C. C. C. Heep Woh College
Category> Group, Family or Individual
Registration Deadline> 2nd November, 2014
Inquiry> 2381 9627
Register Online>
More Walk Information>

Things to note:

  • Children aged 12 years or under must be accompanied by a parent or teacher; Participants aged 16 years or under are required to submit a Parental/Guardian Consent Form. (Click here to download Parental / Guardian Consent Form)
  • For the ease of arrangement, we encourage churches, schools, fellowships and other organizations to form groups to take part.
  • Participants will receive our official receipts after the event and are
  • Upon completion of the Walk, participants will be asked to stay for pictures and the collection of certificate of participation.
  • First-aid team will be on standby throughout the event to ensure the safety of participants.
  • Please wear suitable clothes and bring along water, towel and a plastic bag (for carrying your shoes).
  • The event will be cancelled and further arrangement will be announced if Amber, Red or Black rainstorm signal, No. 3 or above typhoon signal is still hoisted at 12 noon.
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