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Let’s pass our love and blessings together with the “Red Packet” and the “Gut”


The Chinese New Year is approaching and everywhere will soon be filled with laughter and blessing words. Like us, many poor families also wish for peace and having a happy environment for their kids to grow up.  Would you like to send them your blessings?

Every year, CEDAR launches “The Red Packet” Campaign, encouraging churches and believers to send their blessings and love to the far-away poor families.  Starting a few years ago, we have introduced a new campaign called “The Gut- Goodness · Gracious” inviting all Christian schools and Sunday schools in Hong Kong to participate.   Children can learn and practise “how to share possessions” by donating part of their red packet money to the poor families in Asia and Africa.

Last year, there were 42 churches and schools who participated in our programs. Around 5,000 people expressed their care and love to the poor families through this channel.  “Our kids feel touched by the pictures of the poor families and the stories of their children who grow strong in the Lord despite their insufficiency. All of them are pleased to respond by sharing their red packet money. “It’s a golden opportunity for them to learn how to care and share with others”, said Amy, the teacher of Sunday’s School in Jordan Baptist Church, who firstly joined CEDAR’s program last year.

In 2015, CEDAR as usual has kicked off the “Red Packet” and the “Gut” Fund Raising campaigns.  We’ll continue visiting Sunday schools, kindergartens, primary and secondary schools and let the students know more about the needs of the impoverished groups, including the post-war orphans in Myanmar, residents in South Asia affected by disasters, ethnic minority groups in Northern Thailand and slum families in Ethiopia.  May our young generation experience how God’s power strengthen the poor and bring them hope through our small hands and work, just like the little boy sharing two loaves and five fishes in the Gospel witnessed the miracle performed by Jesus.

Wish you could join us and send the new year greetings to the poor, and by taking real action, bless them for a safe, stable and healthy life.

Pray for the “Red Packet” and the “Gut – Goodness · Gracious” Campaigns in 2015:

  • May the Lord turn the people’s heart into expression of the love of God and grant them the sense of sensitivity to the needs of the poor so they would share generously with the needy.
  • May the Lord help CEDAR colleagues when they proceed into the final preparation stage of the Campaigns including church invitations and material consolidation for education talks.
  • Pray for this event to be a channel for leading more young people to care for the needs of the poor, to experience the grace of our Lord and to witness God’s power

If you are interested in “The Red Packet” and “The Gut” Campaigns, please click Activity Page for more details, or contact Ms. Kwan and Mr. Tang on 2381 9627.

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