Healing begins here


Nor Too Hei, a Myanmar local,  still remembers the incident happening in her home town 19 years ago, when militants burned down her village and her family had to flee to the forest. Life in the jungle was not easy and they had to guard themselves at all times from the attack of the militants .

Good news came one day: Nor Too Hei’s mother heard that a children’s home named Fullmoon housed children affected by wars and conflicts. She without any hesitation took Nor Too Hei who was four years old then and 28 other children from the village, and journeyed from the forest to Fullmoon, and from that time on Nor Too Hei stayed in Fullmoon for her entire childhood.

Last year Nor Too Hei returned to her birthplace Karen State. Whenever she sees an expectant mother losing her life due to lack of medical care, she feels deep pain. “My aunt also died while giving birth.” Fullmoon helped Nor Too Hei in schooling. She is now a qualified nurse. With this professional training, she now devotes her life to improve the living of her fellow villagers. .

Nor Too Hei is not alone. In fact all the children in Fullmoon are emotionally scarred by natural disasters, wars and conflicts, and separated from their immediate families. They all need comfort and healing. Last year, CEDAR organized a basic counselling training at Fullmoon for 10 care-givers, teaching them to improve their listening skills. Several Fullmoon graduates broke into tears when they shared their own experiences of their families. Only after they themselves are freed and healed, they can then know how to help the other younger children in Fullmoon to properly face the wounds hidden inside their hearts.

CEDAR will continue to support Fullmoon through counselling training so to enhance the support to her children in emotional and spiritual care.

‘Join Hands Join Hearts’ Children Ministry Scheme

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