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Lives of Impoverished Villagers in HuBei are No Longer the Same

In past 10 years, CEDAR work in partnership with Hubei Provincial Christian Council to serve the impoverished villagers, providing support in livelihoods development, education, livestock management. In all good and bad times, we have witnessed how God cared for the needs of the Hubei villagers and brought about changes in their lives and community….

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Pray for the Sojourner in Yunnan Baoshan

[ePrayer - Pray for the Lisu in Yunnan]
Yunnan Lisu tribe originally lived in the barren mountains, some of them came from Myanmar. In order to escape the bad situation, they are living in a long wandering life, surviving on short-term jobs. They have no identity, no land, don’t know the language thus not self-sufficient...

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China Hubei Water and Animal Husbandry Project

Yunxi county is one of the national designated poor counties in Hubei province. CEDAR helps installing a water supply system and conducting health training in one of the villages. CEDAR also provides subsidies for 70 poorer households selected from 3 villages to develop animal husbandry, aiming at increasing villagers’ income as well as raising their living standard.

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China Hubei Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Project

Wufeng is deemed as one of the poorest counties in Hubei province. In one of the villages there is a slope where neither plant nor protection measure exists. CEDAR assists villagers to manage this slope by planting tea trees, thus reducing the risk of mudslide and protecting about 210 households in that village who use the road running along at the foot of the slope frequently.

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China Sichuan Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Project

From 2011, CEDAR started to work with schools in Xuanhan county of Sichuan province to organize disaster prevention and basic health and sanitation workshop and training. It is aimed to assist the teachers to identify risks in their schools and communities, plan emergency evacuation drills and effectively pass on the disaster prevention knowledge. The project also subsidizes a number of schools to improve their safety facilities.

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China Gansu Integrated Community Development Project

Yongdeng is one of the poorest counties inLanzhou,Gansu, CEDAR has been partnering with Lanzhou City Christian Church to implement the Integrated Community Development Project (ICD) in four villages in Yongdeng since2007 in order to improve the livelihood of villagers and bring about a sustainable development.

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