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May the Lives of Slum Children in India Change

[ePrayer - Pray for Children’s Ministry in India]
Josephin Sheeba, living in the slum of Tamil Nadu, India, came from a broken family. When Josephin was six, her parents got divorced and since then she has been taken care by her grandmother. She has received basic need support from CMCT, a CEDAR’s partner, since her fourth year in primary school and also knows God through CMCT. Her life is completely changed then...

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Development among Rural Community in Orissa, India Get Progress

[ePrayer - Pray for the Rural Community Development in India]
Partner EFICOR, in partnership with SCOPE, launched community development projects aiming at sustainable livelihood and capacity building in villages in Orissa, India, where most of the villagers are illiterate, lack of new agricultural skills, and face difficulty in transportation...

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Phailin Cyclone Relief in India

On 12 October, the Cyclone Phailin hit 18 districts of Orissa, sweeping 18,374 villages. CEDAR’s partner EFICOR sent relief team to Ganjam, the most affected region, to provide relief to 2,500 severely affected families with food and non-food items......

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India EFICOR Rural Community Development Project

Many poor people live in the rural villages back behind the forests of the Orissa states. These villagers come from different castes, tribes and have different religious beliefs and thus there are often conflicts. It is difficult for the poor communities to access just and fair development opportunities and hence trapped in dire situation. CEDAR partner EFICOR launches a community development projects in twenty villages in Orissa. Over 600 villagers from different castes and tribes have benefited.

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India CCI Children Basic Needs Project

CEDAR has been sponsoring CCI’s children ministry since 1997.

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