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Turbulence Caused by General Election in Bangladesh

[ePrayer - Pray for Stability in Bangladesh]
5 January 2014 was the date of General Election in Bangladesh. Unrest in different scale took place before and after it. Weeks of conflict and violence caused over 100 dead, including the demonstrators and civilians.......

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Keep Praying for South Bangladesh after Cyclone

[ePrayer - Pray for cyclone victims in Bangladesh]
On May 15, Cyclone Mahasen hit South Bangladesh resulting in many deaths and injuries of villagers. Hundreds of residential houses, public facilities, schools and mosques are destroyed. CEDAR's partner World Concern received some relief funding and put full efforts in local disaster relief work...

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Bangladesh World Concern Children Education Project

The actual literacy rate inBangladeshis around 42%. The existing government schools are far from sufficient to cover the needs of children and most of them are located in cities. CEDAR's partner World Concern Bangladesh supports more than 30 schools with teachers' salary and education material, and provide special assistance to very poor students.

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Bangladesh SATHI Slum Community Development Project

In a slum at the outer skirts of Dhaka, there are 7000 families in the area who came from different parts of the country with different cultures and religions. There is no homogeneity among the residents who do not have any sense to improve their community and social problems are not uncommon. Partner SATHI implements a community development project in the slum to improve the life of 1500 people.

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Bangladesh World Concern Disaster Risk Reduction Project

Bangladesh is geographically located in a disaster prone area. The frequency and intensity of many existing hazards is increasing while some of new hazards may take place due to climate change and global warming. CEDAR sponsors World Concern to reduce the impact of natural disasters and building capacity of the vulnerable people.

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Bangladesh PARI Adolescence Empowerment and Education Project

Many adolescents in Bangladesh, especially girls, know little about their rights. The poor families tend to marry off their daughters as young as 13-14 years old in order to save family expenditure and dowry price. However, it is very difficult for them and can be very harmful to their lives. CEDAR supports PARI Development Trust to implement Adolescence Empowerment and Education Project to respond to the needs of the adolescents.

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