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TV Programmes that could Benefit Children across the Middle East

SAT-7 is a Christian media network, making God’s love visible across the Middle East and North Africa through uncensored satellite television programme.

CEDAR is supporting SAT-7’s new channel – SAT-7 Academy (launched in September). The channel produces holistic programmes, covering topics like education, health, and social development, for millions of refugee and internally displaced children, and people who did not have access to proper education in the Arab world.

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CEDAR Supports Partner to Ship Medical Aid to Kurdistan, Iraq

Near mid-November, a 7.3 magnitude earthquake struck Iraq and Iran's border areas. About 1.8 million people live within 100 km of the epicentre of the quake. The quake killed 530 people and injured over 8,000 people.

Five days before the quake, the lack of medicines had reached a severe stage in Kurdistan, Iraq, due to the immense needs of local residents, IDPs and Syrian refugees. The subsequent earthquake has further intensified the issue.

CEDAR is now supporting partner to ship and distribute the most critically needed medicines and supplies out to Kurdistan...

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Mobilising Churches to Serve Their Neighbours

Over the last three years, CEDAR have been partnering with Myanmar Baptist Convention to encourage 50 churchese in training their congregation to serve their communities, using the Umoja approach.

Facilitators would conduct regular Bible studies to help believers realise their mission given by God; and through prayer, they would ask for the Holy Spirit’s help to think about ways to practise their faith in their community.

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Post-Walk: What’s Next After Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone?

Ethel, a participant of this year’s Barefoot Walk, writes, “It was my first time to join CEDAR’s Barefoot Walk. I was excited and ready to walk for the victims of human trafficking. But when the moment comes to take off my shoes, suddenly, I felt insecure: would I get bacterial infection if my feet get hurt? As if this anxious feeling was urging me to step out of my comfort zone.”

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You are the SALT of Your Community…

CEDAR’s work in China began in 2000. Since 2007, we began to engage the local churches in Yunnan to take part in community work. From initial stage of discussion and planning, to execution, evaluation and revising their strategies, we witnessed how communities and churches slowly take up the responsibility of their community’s development.

Lorraine, our colleague in China, shared that we have been using the SALT methodology since 2012 to build relationship and mobilise community members and churches to participate in community work...

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Using Local Resources to Transform Communities

When doing development work, beside bringing outside resources, using locally available resources are more important in transforming a community. The church, being a significant part of the community, is more knowledgeable about the community’s needs than outside organisations.

For years, CEDAR has partnered with Tearfund Bangladesh to train and mobilise churches to get involved in serving their communities...

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