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We Shall Not Give Up

Among our human trafficking work, rehabilitation is a long journey that requires persistent and devotion. Sex trafficked women often fall back into the industry after they quit the job for a short period of time due to a lack of vocational skills and family financial burden...

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Yemen Plagued by Conflict, Food Shortages and Cholera

Yemen may not sound familiar to many Hongkongers, and it is rarely featured in the news. But in the past three months, Yemen has been frequently mentioned in international news due to its cholera epidemic.

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Combating Sex Trafficking at One of the Worst Commercial Sex Hubs

Thailand is the hub of commercial sex in SE Asia, attracting locals, foreigners and expats to buy the companion of young women and children, of them many are sex trafficking victims. To effectively combat sex trafficking activities, more proactive and rigorous actions must be taken! CEDAR’s partner in Thailand, Nvader, has been working closely with local policemen to do that. And we recently received good news from them!

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Remembering the Exploited People in Japan

When we talk about human trafficking, we immediately think of poor people from developing countries being deceived and sold to cities or other countries to be slave or sexually exploited. However, human trafficking victims also exist in developed country, like Japan...

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Helping Human Trafficking Victims to Enter the Garden of Eden

God created the world in order, all creatures were made according to their kinds and God saw them as good. The Garden of Eden manifested God’s intention for His creations. “Eden” has the meaning of “delight or pleasure” in Hebrew. Yet, Adam and Eve sinned against God and were driven out of the Garden. Immediately after their fall, they experienced poverty and hardships, and fell into the cycle of sin. The value of people were degraded and some of them have even been put on a price and sold to others…This was not God’s intention...

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May God’s Kingdom Come and His Will be Done in South Sudan

When South Sudan’s civil war broke out in 2013, much of Equatoria – the country’s breadbasket in the south ­– was immune from the conflict. But that respite was short lived. As the government army began purging the region’s opponents last year, it has triggered the world’s fastest-growing refugee crisis, with the United Nations warning of a potential genocide. Uganda now is hosting nearly one million South Sudanese, most of whom have entered last year. This creates the largest human exodus in Africa since Rwanda's 1994 genocide. Members of Integral Alliances, including CEDAR, launched a disaster response in February to provide humanitarian aid to South Sudanese refugees in northern Uganda....

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