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Posts from the ‘Pray for Nations’ Category

Burma: Army Investigation Denies Atrocities Against Rohingya Muslims

The UN, Human Rights Watch, and others have documented numerous serious human rights violations committed by Burmese security forces against the Rohingya in Rakhine State following the October 9, 2016 attacks on three police outposts... In March, the UN Human Rights Council resolved to establish an independent international fact-finding mission to investigate allegations of recent human rights abuses in Burma, especially in Rakhine State. The Burmese government has not said whether it will grant access to the mission...

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Ecuador Earthquake and Haiti Hurricane Relief Updates

Ecuador has experienced several earthquakes in April 2016 that caused the death of 650 and the miseries of another 380 thousand. Half a year later, the central American Haiti experienced a tornado that affected 2 million of its countrymen. We are thankful for the support of the Christian body for channeling their funds through us to the member organizations of the Integral Alliance (IA) within both countries, who worked tirelessly in alleviating the situation.

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God Disposes?—Pray for the agriculturally difficult situation in Zimbabwe

Unfortunately, the El noir in the past 3 years have caused severe drought in multiple eastern African countries, and a tremendous amount of people are suffering from famine, especially for countries like Zimbabwe, where over 65% of its population survives on farming. We could not change the weather in any capacities, but we could improve the farming techniques of the people, allowing them to survive and co-exist with the land...

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God’s Policies—Blessing The Creation

The God of creation did not need our votes to become our Lord, but He was still willing to let us know his policies on His creation. He willed, and things were created; He commanded, and rules were set. He did not need to share His detailed policies and plans of execution, so He only shared with us what He thought was the most important to know—the vision, and what He saw as good. Amidst the Chief Executive election, do the candidates have the intention and plans to bless the creation?

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The Hottest Year, both Literally and for the Development vs. Environment Debate

The Lord gave us the earth not for us to roam lawless and loveless on it, but to manage and serve everything on it per His order. Pray for the extreme climate that has been largely resulted in our over-development, and pray for our Lord’s forgiveness and His guidance in how we should care for the earth...

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Pray for Aleppo in 2017

We all have our new year wishes in 2017, and praying for a better and more peaceful world is often an afterthought preceded by wishing a better life for ourselves. It was understandable as peacefulness comes much easier to us than to the Syrians living in Aleppo, the battleground of multiple military groups that had just agreed to cease fire recently in last December...

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