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CEDAR Supports Partner to Ship Medical Aid to Kurdistan, Iraq

Near mid-November, a 7.3 magnitude earthquake struck Iraq and Iran's border areas. About 1.8 million people live within 100 km of the epicentre of the quake. The quake killed 530 people and injured over 8,000 people.

Five days before the quake, the lack of medicines had reached a severe stage in Kurdistan, Iraq, due to the immense needs of local residents, IDPs and Syrian refugees. The subsequent earthquake has further intensified the issue.

CEDAR is now supporting partner to ship and distribute the most critically needed medicines and supplies out to Kurdistan...

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CEDAR Works with IA to Plan for Humanitarian Response to Rohingya Refugees in Western Myanmar

The team learnt that it was the first time for some of the displaced families to be reached by relief workers. “Thank you for coming here, for taking time to listen. Thank you for treating me with respect,” a father of eight says.

CEDAR is now working with other IA members on planning a humanitarian response to meet the immediate needs of the displaced people who fled to Bangladesh from the conflict in Rakhine state, Myanmar.

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South Asia Floods: The Disaster that Didn’t Make Headlines

Incessant rainfalls have caused massive floods and landslides in South Asia last week, destroying farmlands, houses and roads, as well as killing innocent lives. It is estimated that up to 41 million people are affected...

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Yemen Plagued by Conflict, Food Shortages and Cholera

Yemen may not sound familiar to many Hongkongers, and it is rarely featured in the news. But in the past three months, Yemen has been frequently mentioned in international news due to its cholera epidemic.

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Remembering the Exploited People in Japan

When we talk about human trafficking, we immediately think of poor people from developing countries being deceived and sold to cities or other countries to be slave or sexually exploited. However, human trafficking victims also exist in developed country, like Japan...

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May God’s Kingdom Come and His Will be Done in South Sudan

When South Sudan’s civil war broke out in 2013, much of Equatoria – the country’s breadbasket in the south ­– was immune from the conflict. But that respite was short lived. As the government army began purging the region’s opponents last year, it has triggered the world’s fastest-growing refugee crisis, with the United Nations warning of a potential genocide. Uganda now is hosting nearly one million South Sudanese, most of whom have entered last year. This creates the largest human exodus in Africa since Rwanda's 1994 genocide. Members of Integral Alliances, including CEDAR, launched a disaster response in February to provide humanitarian aid to South Sudanese refugees in northern Uganda....

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