CEDAR’s Chief Executive and Staff Visited Sulawesi Devastated by Quake and Tsunami to Discuss Further Response with Partner

CEDAR’s Chief Executive Dr. Raymond Kwong passes a cooking kit to a representative of the village


It has been over two months since earthquake and tsunami hit central Sulawesi, Indonesia. In early November, CEDAR Fund’s Chief Executive Dr. Raymond Kwong and two staff visited the area. The team met and talked to the affected people, as well as monitored the relief efforts and discussed about further response to meet the needs of survivors with our local partner, PESAT.

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CEDAR received grants from the Disaster Relief Fund to distribute aids to flood-affected families in Kerala through our local partner


The Kerala State of southern India experienced the worst floods in a century in August this year, killing nearly 500 people and affecting more than 5.4 million inhabitants.


The survivors’ needs are huge. Our partner EFICOR* continues to distribute flood relief, such as food, clothing and hygiene items to them. Several weeks ago, we sent an officer to Kerala to inspect the progress of emergency relief.


Following our allocation of around US$10,000 to EFICOR’s relief work, we were recently granted a total of HK$3.613 million from the Disaster Relief Fund by the Government of Hong Kong to further assist the survivors. Through our partner, we provided immediate assistance to survivors of the severely affected Alappuzha District. Until 5th November, approximately 8,000 families were benefited and we target a total of 13,060 flood-affected families to be supported. Based on the calculation of an average 5 family members per household, we estimate the number of beneficiaries would be about 65,000.


Relief materials received by each household include:

  • “Food Kit”: rice, green beans, salt, Indian tea
  • “Household Kit”: clothes, bed-sheets
  • “Hygiene Kit”: toothbrushes, toothpaste, bath soaps, sanitary napkins, shampoo, water purification tabs


EFICOR went through a rigorous process, such as surveying and registration of beneficiaries, before distributing the relief materials. Besides, EFICOR’s team set up a complaint box at the distribution point to enable flood survivors to express their views. Apart from on-site observation, our staff visited several flood-affected households to understand their needs and listen to their struggles.



The path to post-disaster recovery in Kerala is long. Please continue to pray and donate to support us.


Let us pray:

  • Thank Lord for the good weather condition for our partner to do the distribution
  • Praise Lord for the faithful work of EFICOR benefiting 8,000 families
  • Remember all survivors and hope they will not be further stricken by the spread of water-borne diseases
  • Keep the health of EFICOR’s team. May they be strong to deal with huge needs of flood-affected regions


*EFICOR in full is the Evangelical Fellowship of India Commission on Relief.

**The above relief work is funded by the Disaster Relief Fund, Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. If you’d like to support CEDAR and our partner’s disaster relief work, you can select the “Relief” option on the donation page to fund our “Emergency Relief and Disaster Preparedness Fund”.

UPDATE: CEDAR Supports Local Partner to Respond to the Needs of Survivors in Sulawesi, Indonesia

It has been almost 3 weeks of the earthquake and tsunami struck Sulawesi, Indonesia. The government has ended search efforts of missing people on 11th October. Over 610,000 people are affected by the disaster. More than 82,000 people have been displaced and at least 2,000 people were killed. Right now, the government is planning to relocate survivors and build temporary shelters in Donggala and Sigi. Some families have set up tents on the roadsides. A lack of proper sanitation facilities in the affected area remains a concern.

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Urgent: Indonesia Earthquake and Tsunami Relief

On 28th September, a 7.5 magnitude earthquake struck Sulawesi, an island in Indonesia. The quake was followed by multiple aftershocks and triggered a tsunami with waves ranging from 6 metres tall. As of 8th October, at least 1,900 lives were lost and more than 2,630 people have been heavily injured, recorded by the Indonesian government. Nearly 66,000 houses were severely damaged, and about 74,000 people have been displaced. Palu and Donggala, in central Sulawesi, were heavily affected, but access to the area were blocked due to roads destruction. Conditions of the survivors in certain regions of remote areas are unknown. Humanitarian workers are expected to arrive the area in a few days. The number of deaths and affected are likely to increase.

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