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We Saw Clearly that the Lord Was With You (Genesis 26:1-32)

["SHARE" Oct – Dec 2017 ] BACK TO THE BIBLE
In past 10 years, the Church was able to integrate into the Chinese community through the government’s social service policy which encouraged non-profits to reach its residents. Yunnan was one of the pilot areas. Pastor Daniel Ding, Social Ministry Officer of Yunnan Christian Council, stressed that integration does not mean altering the truth we preach to fit in, but the challenge is to find a way to let our core values prevail.

Pastor Ding reflects on Isaac’s faithfulness described in Genesis 26:1-32 and his experiences, and help us see how God has always been with us as we serve our community...

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The Letter from CEDAR | June 2017

Poverty and injustice often result in “hopelessness”. One common goal of our projects is to restore hope. That is why I often ask our project participants this question - “What is your dream?”

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Fighting Poverty with Children in Zimbabwe

It’s kind of a dark humor to listen to your friends reminding you of the impoverished children in Africa upon the slightest hint of you wasting any food on the table. That however does depict how we typically imagine their current state to be, as the media often shows us pictures of the small African children with bloated stomachs due to malnutrition, who have generally no muscles to speak of. What the media failed to tell us was the aggregate of factors and backgrounds that caused these disheartening scenes...

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Emergency Appeal: Haiti Hurricane Relief

On Oct 3rd, 2016, Matthew landed on regions of Haiti as a category-4 hurricane. Still recovering from a magnitude 7 earthquake back in 2010, Haiti is devastated by the strongest hurricane in the past decade which causes serious floods and tall waves that threatens the people’s lives and properties...

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The Relief Work of Ecuador Marching to the Second Stage

CEDAR’s partner Peace and Hope, together with Tearfund UK, a fellow member institution of Integral Alliance (IA) joined the relief work after the earthquake. After visiting the quake-affected regions to better assess the needs of the victims, they then distributed food and water to remedy victims’ pressing needs. Pray that victims and the communities can resume to normal lives as soon as possible...

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Tear Down the Walls that Reject the Refugees

“No one chooses to flee their home. I fled my country, Somalia, at a young age and ended up in one of Kenya’s Dadaab refugee camps where I spent many years. It was never our choice to leave and I would like nothing more than to return home.”...

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