CEDAR Fund ministers holistically to the poor and disadvantaged in partnership with churches and Christian groups, through education, development, advocacy and relief programmes, to share the good news of God’s kingdom with them and to demonstrate God’s love, compassion and justice to the world.

C> Christian’s Integral Mission

CEDAR established its vision and mission on “Integral Mission” since its inception in 1991. Helping the poor and vulnerable is part of being Christian because these actions are inseparable with proclamation of the Gospel. Thus, CEDAR makes efforts in integrating the front line experiences and theological studies on integral mission in partnership with churches, Christian organisations, seminaries and social enterprises around the world, in order to enriching the understanding on integral mission and mobilising churches and Christians to work it out.

Visit following link to learn and practice integral mission together:

E> Education and Promotion

Do you want to learn more about global poverty and what you can do to help, but are unsure of how to do so? Or are you interested in understanding more on what the Bible says about caring for the poor? CEDAR provides a series of seminars and learning activities for Christians to know more about the global poverty and Christian development ministries, and explore the possible practicing way according to their specific situation.

Visit following links for more details:

D> Development Projects

CEDAR Fund ministers holistically to the poor and disadvantaged in Africa and Asia in partnership with churches and Christian groups through different development projects, to help the impoverished people build up their own compassionate communities, develop their God-given talents, improve living standard, experience the transformation of their society and own life and revive their self-value and dignity.

Click into following countries to know more and support different development projects:

Focus Countries

Other Countries

A> Advocacy Campaign

The root causes of many poverty issues lie in injustices in the political, economic or social systems. CEDAR organises different campaigns to change the unequal policies and practices, yearning for justice for the poor. Our involvement is rooted in God’s mandate for justice and mercy.

Visit following links to know more and take part in different advocacy campaigns:

R> Relief

Poverty makes people vulnerable to disasters and disasters in turn keep people in poverty, wiping out the few resources they have. CEDAR’s relief work is more than giving relief materials, rebuilding the affected communities and reducing the risk of disaster, we restore hope for the hopeless with God’s love and compassion demonstrated through the work of our Christian partners.

Visit following link for more details and response:

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