Joy and gratefulness should accompany with the birth of each child. Care, love and education are supposed to be rights that every child may enjoy. However, hundreds of millions of children must fight against the odds of various types of risk, illness, poverty and exploitation from birth. These poor children have become helpless among the frequent natural disasters and wars.

Causes of poverty are very complicated. In order to better serve the needs of the children, help them rid all yokes and grow freely in a safe and healthy environment, CEDAR’s ‘Join Hands Join Hearts’ Children Ministry Scheme supports community based programs in Myanmar, India, Ethiopia nad Zimbabwe, helping raise the living standard and transform the lives of these children, their families and their communities.

Your monthly donation can

HK$200 – provide 4 poor children with basic education, OR
4 children with community health and sanitation knowledge, OR
1 child with supply of basic needs for 1 month, OR

HK$300 – support one graduated orphan/youth to return to their own communities and serve as teachers, nurses and agriculturalists, OR

HK$400 – assist vulnerable children & orphans infected with or affected by HIV/AIDS to acquire legal documents for giving them lawful security rights, OR

HK$500 – enable one parent to attend self-help group to learn to save money and basic skills.

Features of the Ministry

Community based
To provide children with protection, foster care and capacity for growth through improving the lives of poor children, their families and communities, in order to ensure holistic development in the children and bring more sustainable and in-depth transformation to the children’s lives.

Holistic care
The Gospel of Jesus is holistic, concerning both the soul and the body. Christian integral mission consists of both the proclamation and practice of the Gospel. Therefore, CEDAR and our partners emphasize holistic care and aim at serving the needs of body, spirit and soul of each child.

Establish partnership
Each supporter of ‘Join Hands Join Hearts’ Children Ministry Scheme will receive regularly from CEDAR news about the children including partners’ updates and project progress. Supporters are invited to walk hand in hand with partners prayerfully so as to serve the needy children and let them grow up in love.

Your Response

Be a supporter of ‘Join Hands Join Hearts’ Children Ministry Scheme, making donation regularly to support our community-based children development programmes. Surely one-off donations are also welcome.

Through ‘Join Hands Join Hearts’ Children Ministry Scheme, you may also…

  • Learn about the situation of children in various places, updates from partnering organisation and the children, enabling you to better pray for them;
  • Join CEDAR’s exposure trips and visit our partnering organisation/hostels in person;
  • Share with others the situation and needs of the children, and arouse their concern in this ministry.

To Join Us

Please return a completed donation form and a cheque/ bank receipt, to GPO Box 3212 Hong Kong.

Download Donation Form

How to Donate?

  • Automatic transfer (See the attached form in the donation form)
  • Crossed cheque, with the heading ‘CEDAR FUND’
  • Direct deposit into a HSBC account 600-385678-001 of the fund, and return the bank receipt
  • Credit card

You can also make one-off donation online.


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