“Caring about poverty” should never be something we pay lip service to without action!

Tangible experiences and practices are the only ways to deepen Christians’ understanding of poverty. Through hosting different types of experiential activities and workshops, participants can explore their relationship with the community and the world, as well as reflect on the linkage between faith and poverty.

Barefoot Walk> Have you ever considered walking on barefoot in the middle of a busy city? This highly symbolic action of being in the “shoes” of the poor (or the lack thereof) provides you the experience of struggles and feelings of being in want, beckoning you to ponder on how to eliminate poverty.

Poverty Experiential Activities> Ever wonder what the daily life of an impoverished family is like—what they eat and wear, where they live work? Through interactive theatre, fictitious situations and group activities to go into the world of the poor.

CEDAR is pleased to organize these activities with church fellowships and small groups.  For enquiries, please speak to CEDAR staff at 2381 9627 or email sharing@cedarfund.org for details.

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