Besides donation, your prayer support is vital to us! Pray for our partner, ministry abroad, our staff and needs around the world. Let us use our prayers to spread peace, mercy and justice!




Partners & Ministries

  • Torrential rain during the monsoon season in India has triggered flooding in multiple parts of the country, one of the most affected areas is Maharashtra state in western India. CEDAR has received a grant of HK$4.81 million from the HKSAR Government’s Disaster Relief Fund to support EFICOR, our Indian partner, in distributing aid, including food, household kits and hygiene kits to 12,200 affected families. Please pray for the collaboration and division of labour among the frontline workers and volunteers as they conduct the distribution. May the Lord grant them wisdom on handling emergencies.
  • We ask your prayers for the family of Malvin, a trainer of our Zimbabwean partner, Foundations for Farming (FfF). Malvin suffered from an urgent medical condition and were unable to receive a liver transplant surgery. He has passed away recently. He had been a FfF agriculture trainer for 20 years. Because of his and his wife’s dedication, many were blessed by the knowledge learned. FfF training does not only teaches farming practices, but also teaches students to return to biblical foundation of seeing their relationship with self, God, others and the land. His students continued to pass the knowledge to others, helping impoverished farmers to go from hunger to abundance – food secured, children attending school, and more importantly family relationships improved. In the past, crop failures had put much stresses on families, causing argument between family members. Malvin’s sudden death is a great loss to his community, friends and families. May the Lord comfort his grieving wife, Lizzy, and his family.
  • As mentioned last month, Bangladesh is facing a dengue outbreak. 30 people from family members of our partner’s staff and members of our project community got dengue fever and are currently being treated. There is still a high risk of dengue to be spread around in Bangladesh. SATHI, our partner, has organised an awareness lesson on dengue in our project community, teaching people about preventive measures. We pray for the Lord’s healing for people infected. We pray that medical staff have the wisdom to treat patients, and the government to reinforce preventive work on the disease.


The World & Our Neighbours

  • Since August, vast area of the Amazon rainforest have been burned down. Not only species of the forest is endangered, but the fires are releasing huge amount of greenhouse gases, as well as reducing the ability of the forest to absorb carbon emissions which will exacerbate climate change. May the Lord have mercy on his creation and help parties involved to swiftly curb the fires. Holy Spirit, rebuke human’s hearts so that people will repent from exploiting natural resources for their own benefits, and that governments will not put economy against environment and see that human development is only possible through protecting the environment.
  • Pray for Hong Kong at this uneasy time when hearts are disturbed and deceitful messages are everywhere. We pray for shalom peace to be upon our city. We pray acceptance and respect be restored between people that everyone sees God’s image in one another. Lord, have mercy on us and hear us.


CEDAR Team & Needs

  • Event planning and preparation work for the “Restored Dignity for the Poor” CEDAR’s Barefoot Walk 2019 have entered final stage. People are registering for the Walk. Please pray for the preparation work. We need volunteers to help with crowd control and first aid volunteers to standby. May the Lord provide us. May He use this event to encourage brothers and sisters on caring for our needy neighbours.
  • On 30 September and 1 October, CEDAR and a few other organisations are organising the “Creation Care and the Gospel” Lausanne Movement Hong Kong Conference at the China Graduate School of Theology. May the conference be an inspiration for pastors and believers attending the conference, then they will mobilise others to live out the mission of caring for God’s creation.
  • The position of China Project Supervisor is still vacant, please pray for the right candidate to join our team.


The Lord is near to all who call on him,
to all who call on him in truth.
Psalm 145:18