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Posts from the ‘Pray for CEDAR’ Category

Northwestern Bangladesh Citizens Finding Ways to Combat Disasters

Disaster prevention in high risk areas is often, if not always, as important as emergency relief efforts. CEDAR’s partner, Lutheran Aid to Medicine in Bangladesh (LAMB), has been promoting social health and development in northwestern Bangladesh for the past 3 years. They strengthened the area’s disaster responses to mitigate damages together with local churches and resident networks...

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Please Continue Your Support to Those Under the Food Crisis of East Africa

CEDAR's partners, Tearfund UK and Ethiopian Guenet Church Development and Welfare Organization (EGCDWO), are providing emergency food, clean water, and health support to 40 thousand individuals in 40 heavily affected villages in southern Ethiopia....

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CEDAR and Partners Respond to Dire Famine in East Africa

Currently, drought and famine in East Africa are putting 20,000,000 lives in grave danger, and imminent humanitarian help is needed. The members of the Integral Alliance (IA) are constantly monitoring the needs of Somali, North Kaya, and Ethiopia and are actively planning to provide relieves...

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CEDAR and Partner Working in Flash Flood Areas in Zimbabwe

Last year, the El Niño caused a drought in Zimbabwe that starved 4 million people; but since December, they have experienced constant heavy rain and even hurricanes last month that destroyed the homes of close to 2,000 families. The situation is still grim despite the relief efforts by the local government and organizations, including the ones supported by CEDAR....

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Emergency Appeal: CEDAR and IA Respond to the South Sudan Refugee Crisis in Northern Uganda

Increasing numbers of South Sudanese are fleeing to northern Uganda to escape escalating violent conflict in their country. The total number of South Sudanese refugees in Uganda is now approaching 700,000 people, 64% of them are children. CEDAR and Integral Alliance has launched a Disaster Response for the worsening refugee crisis in northern Uganda...

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Recovering with the Haitians after the Hurricane

Ever since Haiti experienced the hurricane in October last year, CEDAR has partnered with the fellow members of the Integral Alliance (IA), supported their humanitarian efforts in getting the disaster-stricken Haitians back on track. We are tremendously grateful for the prayers and donations given to CEDAR and members of IA by the churches and Christians in Hong Kong for the disaster relief efforts in Haiti. Let us continue to pray for them...

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